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Where To  Begin, Advice to A Seller

Why am I moving?


There are many reasons why we need a new home.  You need to decide what your reasons are and prioritize them.  "We are running out of room." "Why do we have all of this house when it's just the 2 of us?" "I've changed jobs and my commute is too long." "We're getting older and we need to be closer to our kids and no stairs."  Find YOUR motivation for moving.

What's my home WORTH?

 That's where things get tricky and that is why you call your trusted, licensed Realtor.  As your Realtor, I analyze your specific market to know what buyers are paying for a home like yours.  It changes often, So, what someone bought a home for last month, may not be the price this month.  The market changes rapidly, and I stay on top of the trends. 



When you go to your favorite real estate application, you are immediately drawn to the photos.  So is the buyer of your home. I will help you de-clutter, and stage your home for professional photos that hundreds of people will view on-line.  Nothing deters a buyer like blurry, dark pictures of  a cluttered kitchen.  We stage the interior and exterior of your home to show the beauty and space.

listing your home


It only takes a day to list your home.  We take photos, install a secure keybox, put a easily viewed FOR SALE sign, fill out the contract and all legal disclosures, plus plan your marketing strategy.  The current market time in the Lombard area is 55 days from list date to closing date.  Call me for your specific area data.

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